Benchmarking is the process of finding and analyzing the best internal practices that produce superior performance. Benchmarking initiatives help communities compare their processes, identify gaps in performance and discover proven tactics and winning strategies for closing those gaps.

CDS provides assistance with benchmarking development to enhance an organization’s ability to evaluate financial, productivity and operational performance within each department. CDS benchmarking studies focus on controllable revenue and expense opportunities.

CDS maintains a database of metrics from all organizations examined in our operational review process. The CDS benchmarking services include computing metrics and comparing results to our database as a standalone project or during an operational review. Metrics in our database include:

  • Salaries/Benefits as a % of Revenue
  • Employee Turnover %
  • Benefits as % of Salaries/Wages
  • Workers Comp Costs per FTE
  • Non-Productive Time % of Productive Time
  • Overtime % of Productive Time
  • Shift Differentials
  • Human Resources Staffing Ratio
  • Net Operating Margin
  • Revenue per Finance FTE
  • Days in Accounts Receivable
  • Marketing Costs as a % of Total Expenses
Health Care
  • Assisted Living Hours of Care per Resident Day
  • Nursing Hours of Care per Resident Day
    • Licensed / CNA
    • Direct / Indirect / Nonproductive
  • Medicare/HMO Average Length of Stay
  • Medicare/HMO Average RUGs Rate
  • Medicare Part B Caseload
  • Social Services Staffing
  • Life Enrichment Staffing
Facility and Environmental Services
  • Square Feet Maintained per FTE
  • Grounds costs per Acre
  • Square Feet Cleaned per FTE
  • Pounds of Laundry Processed per FTE
Dining Services
  • Meals per Labor Hour
  • Raw Food Costs per Meal
  • Total Dining Costs per Meal