Resident Centered Staffing™

CDS works with current and former Directors of Nursing and Health Care Administrators to provide consulting services to management and staff in all health care levels. These associate consultants have hands-on experience working as senior managersment in CCRCs and other long-term care organizations.

CDS can provide assistance with on-site evaluation of health center operations; comprehensive that reviews of assisted living/nursing care staffing schedules; development of alternative staffing schedules, quality of service improvement, and elimination of nurse agency.

Resident Centered Staffing™

Resident Centered Staffing™ (RCS) is CDS’ proven staffing model that utilizes a 12-hour nursing staffing pattern to achieve improved quality outcomes, increased resident and family satisfaction and improved employee retention, while at the same time reducing nursing labor and benefit costs.  The RCS staffing model creates two teams and provides continuity of care on weekdays and weekends.

CDS provides the services of at least two consultants who specialized in RCS preparation and implementation.  As part of Resident Centered Staffing™ implementation, consultants will conduct a multi-day site visit to work with senior management, nursing leadership, and staff to develop processes and procedures for implementing Resident Centered StaffingTM,  including:

  • Detailed work plan for the site visit;
  • 14-day staffing model by unit with a per patient day summary;
  • Implementation plan for conversion to Resident Centered StaffingTM;
  • Sample job descriptions recommended by CDS not currently a part of client’s current staffing model;
  • Sample format for development of a Mentoring Program and corresponding staff communication memo;
  • Sample format for employees to Opt In/Opt Out of the Resident Centered StaffingTM staffing conversion from 8-hour to 12-hour staffing;
  • Staff orientation checklist;
  • Provide Resident Centered StaffingTM; Weekly Agenda and Minutes format to track progress/activities/issues related to implementation;
  • Assist with preparation of customized PowerPoint presentations for leadership to use in educating staff, residents and family members on the Resident Centered StaffingTM model; and
  • Provide up to 12 hours of additional phone consultation at mutually agreed upon times.